What do you get when you combine over 120 craft beers, a hilarious host and dozens of people chomping at the bit to become Deer Park Pubs next dancing sensation?

Dancioke – it’s not your mama’s hokey pokey!

Join our emcee Tony Baloney for an evening of impromptu fun, dancing and prizes. Who knows, you may be Deer Park Pub’s next reigning King or Queen of Dancioke! View our online photo gallery to see our Dancioke crowd in action!

To try your hand at Dancioke, first choose a song from our Dancioke manuel, which lists over 150 best dance songs ever – from classic oldies to current Top 40 hits. Much like it’s singing counterpart Karaoke, there are song manuals found at each table so you can take your time in finding the perfect song to dance to.

How it works

  1. Contestant  selects song from manual to dance to.
  2. Contestant writes down his or her name and selection # only and checks whether it will be a solo or couple dance.
  3. Contestant name is entered into a bowl and Emcee chooses entry.
  4. Contestant describes to the audience why he/she chose the song, but does not reveal the title of the song to the audience.
  5. Dance is to be performed to the end of the song.
  6. Props may be used.
  7. Drinking or smoking while dancing is prohibited.
  8. Dancer can invite another person to join in his or her dance but only by way of invitation. Spectator can not join in on contestant dance without being invited.
  9. Door prizes are drawn periodically but only to contestants.
  • Audience affirmation during dance will be measured by emcee.
  • Originality, apparel, engaging the audience, use of props, will also be measured by emcee.
  • The top three considered solo dancers will each dance a song on stage to a song in which the emcee chooses.
  • The top three couple dancers will each dance a song which the emcee chooses.

First Hour: Couples Dance
Second Hour: Solo Dance
Third Hour: Play Off Competition


1st $25.00 Solo Dance
2nd 12 Pack of Imported Beer
3rd Dancioke T-Shirt

1st $50.00 for Couple Dance
2nd 12 pack of Imported Beer
3rd Dancioke T-Shirt

Contact us or see our calendar for specific dates.

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