Meet the Team

  • Madison

    Madcatt Bowman; birthed from the swampy, decrepit bog of Decatur, IN. The newly 27 year old enjoys solitude when away from DP but can be most often found working on Halloween costumes, collecting vintage clothing, or traveling with her beloved. Her favorite beers lean towards high ABV fruit beers such as “That’s My Jam” from Bare Hands Brewery or ranging ABV coffee stouts such as “Arabicadabra” from Bell’s. However, she will never turn down a white claw. *no f%cks* 🤙Even though there’s an extensive list of breweries she would love to visit, her #1 pick would have to be the historic St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. Fun Fact: we're so excited to have her with us for her 2nd year of St. Patty's day at DP! ☘️
  • Tristan

    What up. It’s your boi T-dub. Born and raised here in the Fort since '95 making me a cool 24 years young. If I’m not here at the best craft beer bar in the state, you can find me at a local bowling alley or at home with my kiddos. I’ve been a pretty avid bowler since my teens years and have multiple perfect games. Little fun fact me and the other brother are only 11 years and 1 day apart! My favorite beers tend to be sours, sour IPAs or those super hazy boys. If I had to pick a personal favorite it would be Tony Had Hair in The 90's by Eagle Park. I personally love Eagle Park for their IPAs and milkshake IPA and really enjoy homes for their sour IPAs. If I could visit any brewery I would have to choose either Other half or Monkish! First St. Patty's day this year! ☘️
  • Jeremy

  • Austin

    General Manager/Buyer/Bartender
  • Jade

  • Ryan

  • Kurt

    Music Booking
  • Andrew Lamping

    Social Media Consultant
  • Tony Henry